What if I don’t know anything about classical music?
The music will speak for itself. Just come and enjoy it. If you want to know more, you can read the program notes from WTXS.ORG prior to your arrival at the concert or arrive early enough to read the program notes provided in the concert program book.  

When should I arrive?
Many concert-goers like to arrive around 30 minutes early so they can purchase their favorite beverage, find their seat, and check out the program before the concert starts. If you do arrive late the ushers will ask you to wait to be seated until there is a break in the music.

What do I wear?
Wear what you want! In the “olden days” concert-goers wore gowns and tuxedos. In our modern world many concert-goers wear business clothes or slightly dressy clothes. If you are most comfortable in jeans, a sweater and sneakers, GO FOR IT old-fashioned rules no longer apply!

When do I clap?
Clap after the concertmaster enters. Clap again when the conductor enters. The tricky part happens next. A symphonic work generally has breaks in the music called movements. It is appropriate to applaud after the entire work is performed, NOT after each movement. How do I know when the piece of music is over? (1) Watch the conductor and musicians.  When the conductor’s hands relax and the musicians stop watching him, CLAP. (2) Check the program for the number of movements (3) If you still are unsure – clap with the rest of the audience.

Can I enjoy a drink during the concert?
Yes, the bartender will sell you a refillable glass with your drink. You can use your glass for many concerts to come. Our beautiful hall is tuned so concert-goers can hear every note. Unfortunately all other sounds are heard as well. We want you to enjoy your drink, but please be considerate of the folks in neighboring seats regarding excessive noise, such as shaking the ice in your glass.

What if I have to Cough during a concert?
Everyone needs to cough now and then. There’s a funny thing about coughing – the less worried you are about it, the less likely you are to feel the urge. SO STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT! If you do have to cough, try to stifle the sound in your elbow if possible. If you need to cough more than a couple of times there is nothing wrong with going in the lobby for a bit until the coughing subsides. You can then re-enter the hall during a break in the music. 

FAQ: Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

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When do the building doors open before a performance?
The front doors to the lobby open approximately one hour before curtain time.

May I take pictures at the performances?
Flash photography and cameras with a detachable lens are not permitted during ticketed events. Other cameras and recording devices are not allowed, as a general rule. Cell phone use is discouraged and is considered to be distracting to other patrons’ experiences. Taking pictures with cell phones (without flash) is often allowed during an event, based on artists’ preferences. Inquires on photo policy can be made on arrival to the event to clarify the photo policy for that day’s performance. Patrons unable to comply with these policies may be asked to leave the building without refund or exchange.

What if I’m late?
Seating policies vary by performance, but as a courtesy to performers and audience members, latecomers may be seated during a suitable pause in the performance.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my infant, even if I’m carrying them?
All patrons of the Wagner Noël, regardless of age, must have a ticket for admission, including children and infants carried in arms. Strollers are not allowed in the building. Please note that most ticketed events at the Wagner Noël are not appropriate for preschool-age children.

I need special seating access in the theatre. How can I make these arrangements?
Seating for patrons who use wheelchairs and walkers is available on each level of the theatre. For special seating arrangements (aisle transfer seats, etc.) please call the Box Office at (432) 552-4437 or look for ADA seating on the map when ordering tickets online. 

Can I bring food and drinks into the theatre?
Both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are available for purchase in the lobby. Refreshments are sold in reusable souvenir cups (allowing patrons to take them inside the theatre) and are available for purchase one hour prior to performances. Sales will conclude once the main act has gone on stage and will again be available for purchase if there is an intermission. Concession areas are located in the first floor and, for some events, in the upper lobby. Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the theatre.

Where can I smoke?
The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center, in conjunction with the University of Texas Permian Basin, is a non-smoking, non-tobacco facility. Including, but not limited to, cigarettes, vape, chewing tobacco, and dipping tobacco. This includes electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

Where is Lost & Found?
Found items will be held by staff members on duty during performances. Following the performances, items may be claimed at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center’s administrative office Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please call (432) 552-4430.

What is the seating capacity of the Wagner Noël Theatre?
The Wagner Noël Theater, the main performance space of the Wagner Noël, seats up to 1,827 guests. The Rea-Greathouse Hall seats up to 192 guests for performances.