Thomas W. Elrod, President
Jessica Bexley, Executive Vice President
Carolina Keith, Immediate Past President
Connie May, Vice President Finance

Floyd Rountree, Vice President Fundraising
Dee Anna Arellano, Vice President Sponsorships
Sophie Edwards, Secretary

Gabriel Alemendarez
Alice Beckstrom
Rebecca Bell
Erin Berridge
Gregg Blain
Mary Dawson
Dr. Nnamdi Ezenyi
Maridell Fryar
Beau Garza
Allison Gray
Dr. Aaron Hawley
Jacy Lewis
Melanie Lively
Diann McKee
Megan Pausé
Robin Richey
Stephanie Rivas
Deb Shaw
Gregory Smith
Nancy Stout
Melissa Ware

Mrs. Leland Croft (dec’d)
Mrs. James A. Fowler (dec’d)
Mr. Don Williams (dec’d)
Mr. Josh H. Parr (dec’d)
Mrs. Ellen Noël (dec’d)
Mrs. Lois Rochester (dec’d)
Ms. Mary Harrington (dec’d)
Mr. Don Williams (dec’d)
Mr. Fred Trout Jr. (dec’d)

Gary Lewis, Music Director & Conductor
Ethan Wills, Executive Director
Violet Singh, Development Director
Crystal Radford, Marketing Director
Deanna J. Russell, Office Administrator
Bailea Woodall, Production Manager
Leslie Delgado, Personnel Manager
Scott Millichamp, Music Librarian

Dr. Juan Hernandez, Interim Chorale Director
Emily Baker, Voices of the Permian Basin Director

For contributions and/or services that have significantly advanced the mission of the of the West Texas Symphony.
Frank A. Bell - May 21, 1997
The Beal Family - May 19, 1999
Robert E. Hunt - August 31, 2000
Mary Harrington - May 16, 2001
Ted Hale - April 14, 2007
Grace Osadchuk - October 13, 2007
Scott W. Long - May 18, 2013
Rino Irving - March 4, 2023

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Board of Directors, please email Executive Director, Ethan Wills at ewills@wtxs.org.